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Fiske Cares

FISKE CAREs is a PTO committee that focuses on providing support for ALL families within our Fiske community. 


Our Fiske community of over 280 families consists of all Fiske staff, students and their families and guardians.  At any given point, either we or our neighbors may need a helping hand. For Fiske parents/guardians who are facing an extraordinary event such as birth, serious injury or surgery, loss of a loved one, etc., our parent volunteers support families by providing meal deliveries and/or carpool. 


For Fiske families who need help with basic necessities and work directly with our dedicated social worker, Michelle DeSantis, our committee raises funds specifically to help provide food, diapers, gas and winter clothing.  Please reach out to our chairs for more information. 

How to Get Involved?

You can help pitch in by delivering a meal, providing carpool for a Fiske student, helping to raise funds for basic necessities, organizing a clothing drive, etc.


If you have any questions, comments or requests, please email Carol Tham and Kristen Ellis at

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