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Fiske Directory & the Parents Portal

Join & Access the Fiske School Directory

The MembershipToolKit Fiske Directory is our online student and family directory. You can access the directory online from the link below

What is MembershipToolKit ?

All Fiske Families are members of the Fiske Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). 

Only Fiske Families registered with our Membership Toolkit (MTK) account can access the Fiske family directory.  Families can also update their information within this MTK account. 

Every year, parents enter contact information via the Wellesley Public Schools (WPS) Power School Parent Portal, including the yearly opt-in choice for the PTO sponsored student directory. 

On September 25, WPS shared the information with the PTO, but only if you opted-in.  

If you opted-in AND provided an email address, MTK will recognize you as a member of the Fiske community, and you will have access to the directory of other families who opted in.  Note: We are not using MTK for our volunteer signup, website, calendar, or web-store at this time. 

How do I Join the MembershipToolKit Directory ?

  • Visit and sign up for the directory.

  • Use the Join Code: Fiske16falcons.

  • Requests to join are reviewed by the Directory Chair before they are approved. You will be linked to the Fiske Elementary School Directory once your information has been verified including email address and you have been confirmed by Fiske (This may take 2-3 days). 

How to Download the MTK App on your phone ?

Apple/ IOS

Google Play

How to Print a copy of the Directory ?

  • To print yourself a copy of the directory, just log in and click the Print tab at the top of the screen. You will be given options of how much of the directory you would like to print.

How To Update My Information ?

  • To change any of your information in the directory, login and click My Account at the top right side of the screen, click Your Family, and you will be given instructions on how to change and confirm any of your information.

Access the Power School Parent Portal

The Power School Parent Portal is a portal to allow you to provide information about your family and you students. It is also the place to find you students schedule and grades. This tool is used thought your child's school years (inc. WMS & WHS)

You can access the Parent's Portal online from the link

Power School Parent Portal is the website parents go to in order to:

  1. Enter their child's updated emergency information, including medical information

  2. To give permission to Wellesley Public Schools for their child to be included in the PTO directory, to be interviewed for media publications, to use their child's picture in media publications, to publish their child's work in media publications, and/or to use their child's picture in the school yearbook, photobook, or photo directory. You may choose yes or no for each of these permission requests.

WPS will share the information you have entered in the Power School Parent Portal with the Fiske PTO, only if you have granted permission to be included in the PTO directory.

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