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Fiske Cares Pizza Playdate

Come join us for a fun-filled Pizza Playdate on Veterans Day, Nov. 10th!!

The Playdate is jointly hosted by Fiske Cares and Schofield Cares (launched earlier this year!).

This is simply a chance for families from both schools to enjoy a few hours of playtime and to celebrate Veterans Day with Fiske and Schofield kids.

Pizza, snacks and drinks will be provided!!

Here are the details:

PIZZA PLAYDATE hosted by Fiske Cares and Schofield Cares

DATE: November 10th (Veterans Day, Friday)

TIME: 11am-2pm

LOCATION: Barton Community Playground (a beautiful playground built in 2013 located at the end of Barton Road)

** In honor of Veterans Day, we encourage adults/kids to bring a handwritten letter addressed to "Dear Veteran" or "Dear Service Member" followed by a brief note thanking them for their service, dedication and hard work. Or simply bring a signed drawing by your kids (first name only) and we will send the letters and drawings to the nearest military installation. No envelopes needed. We hope that you will be able to join us!!

Any questions? please email Carol Tham or Hilda Lief at

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