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World Heritage Night

Wellesley elementary school students, in partnership with the World of Wellesley, will take charge of celebrating and highlighting the international cultures represented throughout PAWS, Hardy, Fisk, Bates, Upham, Sprague and Schofield schools.

Our K-5th graders and their parents will be taking the lead to share world cultures with the whole Wellesley community via hands-on demonstrations, arts and crafts, posters, food and more!

Dates for the 2020/2021 School year are coming soon

Some ideas for volunteers:

  • Food- (serves 15-25 people, not a full dinner) all ingredients must be nut-free and ingredients must be listed.

  • Posters- create a poster about a world culture/s or possibly a story from a culture and explain in so you can talk to people about it (plan for 15- 20 minute discussion).

  • Arts and Crafts- choose a art or craft project that represents your culture and explain how it relates to your culture while you show participants how to put it together (15- 20 minutes). Example #1: why are chopsticks important in Korean culture, how do we use them and how many grains of rice can you pick up in 20 seconds?

  • Example #2: how and why are Chinese lanterns made and important? What was the story about the first lantern?

  • Workshop- non arts and crafts; cultural demonstration (15- 20 minutes). Example: how do Liberians carry a water pot on their head and walk around without dropping it- try it out for yourself.

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