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Wellesley Education Foundation Spelling Bee: (Fiske team competes)

Join us in November for the 2020 Virtual Spelling BEE

Event Date: November 12 at 7:00 p.m.

Location: ZOOM

The Wellesley’s Spelling Bee is an old school community spelling bee which brings the whole town together for an evening of fun and fundraising.

Over 50 teams participate in the Bee and represent local businesses, law firms, alumni groups, community organizations, and school PTOs, as well as student teams from Wellesley High School and Wellesley Middle School.

How to catch the Buzz:

  • Support the Bee: Donation or sponsor a high school, middle school or community team. Many levels are available for sponsorship from $125 to $2500.

  • The Bee is our biggest fundraiser of the year! Donate Today, any amount is appreciated.

  • Bee a Team: Register a team. Who knows whom you may be spelling against that night?

Find out more, visit the WEF Spelling Bee Website

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